BIOTECH, Centre for development of Biogas technology and other non- conventional energy sources, is an organization, working in the field of waste management and generation of New and Renewal Energy Programmes. The activities of this organization mainly relate to the research and development work, for the development of non conventional energy sources from the bio waste, by applying suitable scientific technologies. BIOTECH has been mainly focusing special attention in the field of waste management for production of bio energy for more than 20 years now and, its marvelous performance and contribution to the common man and the society at large had won several national and international awards including the prestigious Ashden Award (Green Oscar 2007) instituted by M/s Ashden Trust, London. A team of experts is engaged in incessant research to further improve the existing waste treatment Renewable Energy technologies.

BIOTECH with a team of technologists is working continuously for the innovation of modern technologies for the efficient and effective treatment of waste without making any adverse atmospheric impact and also to reduce emission of dangerous gases like methane, carbon dioxide etc which ultimately causes, climate change, global warming etc. BIOTECH can be contacted for getting its guidance and service on anyone of the above subjects.