The Vision


Vasundhara, is an environmental and arts festival, that weaves together environmental education and awareness with music, film, performance, visual and healing arts to honor our earth-(vasundhara).

We strive to bring cultures and people of all ages together, to find strength in our diversity, and to provide fully immersive experiences in which we share, learn, inform, enlighten, and empower each other to take care of the riches of Mother Earth.

Combining the brilliance of artists and forward thinkers from India and around the world, our aim is to motivate our community to protect Goa. We accomplish this by presenting renowned DJ’s and live acts; a showcase of inspiring films; remarkable dance, theatre and visual art; and the workshops of key experts in waste management, permaculture, organic gardening, natural building, eco tourism, renewable energy and sustainable fishing.

Specifically focused on Goa’s ecological sustainability, Vasundhara intends to ignite our global community to take real action to protect and nurture Goa. We encourage solutions to environmental challenges in ways that are realistic and attainable, while enjoying the dance of life with play, care and RESPECT.

We wish to inspire our community to take a stand with Vasundhara to protect and nourish her. It is our vision that the beauty we create with this festival has a ripple effect throughout our vast community and we continue to work together to live symbiotically with the land and water of Goa that has given each of us so much. We believe activism can be a celebration. So let’s celebrate – Vasundhara!