Since the Sun powers all life processes that take place on earth, the long history of life on earth is only possible due to the Sun’s power and abundant energy resources, burning for thousands of millions of years.
In fact, the coal, oil and gas we are burning in such a profligate fashion represents solar energy collected by life forms,  from more than two hundred million years. 

The energy provided by the Sun has to come in the right amount, shape and form to be useful to the earth.
X-ray’s and radio waves cannot be used as an energy source, visible light is just right.
Plants use light to do photosynthesis, thus creating plant matter. We and many other organisms use it for many life functions.
Likewise, the amount of energy delivered by the Sun to our planet is just right for the hydrologic cycle to work, with water and water vapour changing back and forth, and some minor amount of ice (2 percent of the total water) collecting near the poles. Thus, the climate is between hot and cold temperatures as well as not being too dry or too wet.

Through our un-considerate use of energy and mass consumption, in turn the protective ozone layer around the earth is dissolving, without which the sun could become very harmful.
The technology is available for us to use the suns energy more directly and in such a way that is CO2 free, therefore giving us the opportunity to generate the energy we have grown so fond of without destroying the planet in the process.

“Even After All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,”You owe me.”
Look What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”