Kunaal Gurbaxani aka GURBAX is definitely one of the freshest DJ/producers to watch out for in the Indian bass music scene. From metal-head to bass-head, his journey started in the city of Bengaluru where he played guitar in punk rock and thrash metal bands.  Moving to Atlanta for college was like a blessing for him since it was there that he discovered his love for bass-music. “It really was an easy transition. They both encompassed my love for heavy music. However, I never really related to metal culture of angst and destruction. With the bass scene, on the other hand, it was more than just the music – there was a sense of family in the underground culture of pure energy, love and happiness that really resonated with me and drew me in”. Now, a self-taught DJ and Ableton- certified producer from Dubspot School of Music Production in New York City, he has played shows in and around Atlanta and NYC and is now looking to catalyze the bass music movement in India. In a short span of 7 months since moving back, he has managed to play some at huge shows and venues in Pune, Bengaluru, Assam, Orissa, Goa and Coorg. As well as share the stage with a range of well-reputed artists such as Steve Aoki, David Satori (Beats Antique) and Vachan Chinappa to names a few.