Joanna Pyres

Learning to Grow Fruitful Partnerships

I am passionate about life on Earth and the unique value and contribution of each one of us in co-creating the transformation humanity needs to live more in harmony with ourselves, each other and the Natural world.

Through The Partnering Initiative and the Partnership Brokers Association, both not-for-profit global businesses, I support large sustainable development organizations in shifting towards relationships of deeper partnership with other actors, increasing fairness and effectiveness.

I am a co-founder of GaiaMitra, an emerging organism to nurture a nature-rooted, heart-centred economic community in Goa & the Western Ghats, where low carbon, healthy and empowering rural regeneration can flourish within bio-diverse ecosystems.

Living in Goa with my husband and 3yr old, I am on my own personal learning journey to find and maintain balance, integration and flourishing.