Jodie Underhill

“I didnít choose garbage, it chose me! When I witnessed how severe Indiaís garbage problem is, it completely broke my heart. I also realised then that Iíd found my lifeís mission. Iím not scared of hard work, I love a challenge and Iíve picked up lots of garbage whilst on my travels even before coming to India.

There is a social stigma attached to garbage that simply doesnít affect me as Iím from a society that doesnít have a caste system. Iíve been raised to believe that weíre all equals. Sweeping, scrubbing paan stains, picking up dirty nappies or garbage that has been urinated on doesnít bother me one bit. I donít see it as someone elseís job, I just get on and do whatever needs to be done As the organisation grows I have less time to get involved in clean ups and itís something I genuinely miss. They make you feel very close to nature.”