Jonathan Benda

Jonathan Benda believes that through conscious planning and observation of local systems nature can be persevered, restored and provide humanity with a rich abundance. Coming from the eco adventure town of Nelson, British Columbia and growing up on an organic household, he cultivated a deep appreciation for nature and the bounty it provides.

His admiration for nature and his work have often coincided. Jonathan has experience in forestry, land management, tree planting, surveying and forest fire fighting. Moving abroad and traveling for a few years he came into landscape erosion control, followed by water-wise sustainable landscaping, bio remediation living filter systems, wildlife corridors and native revegetation, verticals gardens and green roofs.

In India, Jonathan fell in love with cultivating fruits and vegetables at Samata Holistic Retreat Center becoming the master gardener there. He is incredibly excited about how nature’s systems can be adapted to serve the community and world at large in a sustainable, productive, abundant way. Having immersed himself in several different permaculture, organic and natural farming projects and having a keen focus on sustainable development, Jonathan now works on projects in India to create sustainable solutions for a variety of projects.

Jonathan is leading permaculture workshops managing eco- build, landscape and installations for Vasunhdara Festival