Lia Pavlidis

Lia is a passionate dancer and a dedicated dance teacher, as well as a singer and performer. At home in her body, she inspires a deep connection in those who witness her move. Trained in both, contemporary and modern dance, she brings a rich skill set of knowledge and experience, and has done much to put Tribal Fusion Bellydance on the map in Europe. Amongst her lifelong passions of mastering dances from around the World, Lia studied Rajasthani Gypsy Dance, Afro Carribean, Release Technique, Qigong, Contact Improvisation, and fell in love with Dancehall, Hip Hop, and other progressive urban styles.
Her language is at once the new and the old, the known and the unknown. Born in Berlin, she explores the breadth of urban dance forms and the ancient ones equally in a global journey of discovery. Her movements are like silk and water, sensual and snaky, and her performances go beyond bellydance.