The Yoga of Sustainability
This class, otherwise known as: ‘The Theory and Practice of the Yoga of Personal and Global Sustainability’ is perhaps the most important class to take as it gives a simple model that can be used to increase the personal and global sustainability that is now so precarious.  ‘Yoga’ in this case means a combination of techniques coming together as a confluence of factors to produce a unique outcome.  Using 8 elements or facets gathered from the Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotisha and Puranic Traditions we will weave together a solid path, which when followed will optimize the probability of attaining Sustainability. This class will start with the theory of personal and global Sustainability of health and wealth in terms of Yoga and Ayurveda, and finish with a presentation on contemporary exemplars of that theory, including Organic India, a company that recently earned the award, ‘The Most Socially Responsible Company,’ in the entire US Natural Products Industry.


From Yogi to Biophysics to EMT to Ayurvedic Practitioner to Ethnopharmacologist to Ecological Medicine activist, Prashanti de Jager’s study and practice of full spectrum knowledge and wellness has continuing since 1988, including 10 years immersed with incredible Saints, Vedic Science Sages and Acaryas in India.  He is one of the founders of Organic India, Dunagiri Foundation, and the Pacific Center of Ayurveda, he is an author of several Vedic-Science books which includes translations into 12 languages, and he has a rewarding teaching schedule that takes him far and wide across this good Earth, from Bohemia to Manhattan to Uttarkhand.  He lives in India at Samata Retreat Center and also in the USA in Northern California’s Central Marin with his son Kailash.