Shrada Ferry

Sraddha Ferry, a native to Nevada City, is a tantric breath worker and yoga instructor.  She has traveled and studied yoga and meditation across the globe in both Costa Rica and Thailand, as well as California.

Sraddha Ferry was born with wide eyes and an open heart into a Hare Krishna family of Bhakti yogis. She eventually learned through life’s challenges how wild hearts can be broken. Her personal path began as she set out to heal and return to the freedom she once knew — to love with an open, empowered, blissful heart.

Determined, she was led to Psalm Isadora, with whom she began studying tantric yoga and breath work and realized her path of healing was through the sensual awakening of self. She shares her teachings with her community so that we may all be free to liberate the depth that lies within each of us often suppressed by trauma or sexual blockages.