Spiritual Gangsta

Making waves across continents with india’s Brian Fernandes and his various projects and  open-minded approach to music,Spiritual Gangsta was born in 2008,the project which borders across drum and bass,ambient and drum step compositions.Under this project he has performed in various countries. His creative flair, along with the diversity and depth of their sound, has caught the attention of a range of many listeners and labels. His unbiased approach to both production and mixing, and their versatility and love for the deeper side of dnb, will ensure that his musical journey will take him far and wide. The future looks bright for the talented with innovative collaborations in the pipeline, adding even further to the dimensions of their sound. His recently launched label Radio bugz  along with MR Doss promises already to be a massive entry into the gigantic world of bassmonster sized sounds.He has performed in brazil,europe,nepal etc. He has released music on japanese label Dsp ,Seraphana recs,n more…